"Public speaking is one of the hardest and scariest things to do in life. Yet we all have to do 'presentations' or be 'actors' at any age/stage in our life - at school, work, a community function, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, your own wedding (or someone else's!), the list goes on and on. Studio 51 teaches children how to become actors/actresses while removing the obstacles to public speaking by building the essential character traits many kids today lack - self-esteem, confidence, and trust within themselves. With their insightful ability to recognize acting talent, Aimee and Tiffany Feler bring their many years of experience, knowledge and positive attitude to kids of all ages - including mine – everyday. No matter what mood my son is in when he arrives, he leaves his class with an air of confidence and a smile! Aimee and Tiffany, you have a very special gift. Thank you for bringing it to so many! Keep up the great work you do for these kids. I know some day they will appreciate it AS MUCH as us parents do right now."

- Aura, Thornhill, Ontario

"Since my daughter started classes at Studio 51, she has become a lot more confident in presenting in front of people. She used to need to painstakingly write out her whole speech for any of her school presentations. In the past few months, she was able to present confidently with just a high level plan of topics and points. Her teachers noticed the change and commended on her increased in confidence level and usage of her voice as well. The training at Studio 51 has also helped her add drama and gesture appropriately to enhance her piano performances. Thank you for your guidance! I honestly believe that other children can benefit from the same training and exposure."

- Rita, Toronto

"I am thrilled that we discovered Studio 51's classes – it has been wonderful to see my daughter step out of her comfort zone and develop a love for acting and speaking in public. This was only possible because of the nurturing and supportive environment that Aimee and Tiffany create for their students. Spending time at Studio 51 is a highlight of my daughter's week…she is having so much fun!"

- Fazila, Thornhill

"Studio 51 is great! The advanced curriculum has enabled my son to gain confidence and charisma. I am so proud of him and would recommend this program to anyone!"

- Darcy, Markham, Ontario

"My daughter loves taking drama classes at Studio 51. She has a great time and really looks forward to her lessons. As a parent, I'm thrilled to see the improvement in her confidence when speaking and performing in front of others! It's a whole different side of her that we've never seen before…"

- Sandy, Richmond Hill, Ontario

"We are extremely pleased with the level of support, instruction, and guidance that our 10 year old daughter has received from Studio 51. Our daughter always looks forward to going to drama class each week. Her confidence level is much higher and it has even improved her ability to seek out new people spontaneously. She loved participating in the drama festival that the program offered. She is very excited to be part of drama productions, whether she has a lead role or whether a supporting role. Aimee and Tiffany Feler are wonderful instructors, they give great feedback, very loving and connect easily with children. Highly recommend their Studio."

- Andy, Thornhill, Ontario

“We came to Canada 2.5 years ago. My daughters learned English here in Canada. On the show day, to watch my daughters and feel that they are enjoying what they are doing on the stage, it was an amazing feeling. Thank you for giving us this feeling, this enjoyment; I do not know how to express my feelings. Thank you... you did an amazing job… We will be in your class next year again…"

- Yaakov , Thornhill, Ontario

"My older daughter attended Studio 51 classes for two years. She began as a very shy and withdrawn girl. I noticed a marked improvement in her confidence after just a few months of starting at Studio 51. Thank you for giving her the gift of believing in herself."

- Ella, Thornhill, Ontario

"For the past three years, our daughter Laura has been enrolled in classes at Studio 51. Her first class changed her, she fell in love with acting and performing. These classes have helped her in all aspect of her life, she has become more creative, imaginative and self-confident. The last three years, we have seen our daughter's communication skills improve, both in her verbal and nonverbal body language. She has overcome her fear of speaking in front of a large group of people.

The skills she has learned at Studio 51 will assist her in her future. She recently auditioned for two highly sought after high schools in Toronto, that specialized in the arts. With Aimee and Tiffany's coaching and guidance, Laura was successful with her auditions and was accepted to both schools. Our only regret is that we did not enrol her earlier. Thank you Aimee and Tiffany, Laura continues to improve and betters her performance after each and every class."

- Natalie and Gerry (proud parents of Laura), Toronto

"My daughter's enthusiasm towards performing just blows me away. Neither my husband nor I have any ‘talents' to speak of, so we look at her in amazement sometimes when she gets excited about performing in front of an audience. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support Aimee and Tiffany. Her confidence to do these things has a lot to do with you."

- Barb, Thornhill, Ontario

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