Exploration of Acting and Public Speaking
The Annual Program:

This program is designed for students ages 5-18. This popular 10 month program runs along the school year from September- June. Classes are capped at small sizes to ensure optimal individualized attention. All new students are required to complete an interview before admission is granted into this exclusive program. Interviews will determine appropriate placement of students. All classes are built in a customised fashion to cater to the needs of all students enrolled, and are designed to promote every child’s success.

Studio 51’s philosophy is to utilize drama as a vehicle to educate students how to be proficient with communication. The engaging and fun spirit of drama can entice the most disinterested student into learning. We believe that public speaking cannot be taught through a text book, and through engaging with speech skills in an entertaining and practical way, the results are much more profound and have proven to resonate within the student long term. Each class students will engage with improvisation, play creation, scene study, theatre games, puppetry, poetry, storytelling and much more! Through the facilitated group activities and individualized coaching, students will practice fundamental speech skills such as: projection, eye contact, gesture, physical stance, facial expression, clarity etc. Through working on both individual and group projects, students will develop a new found sense of confidence and presentation pizzazz!

Students will also have several opportunities during our studio year to get on stage and showcase their skills! Students of Studio 51 participate annually in local Speech Arts Festivals and also partake in the prestigious Trinity College of London Speech and Drama Exams.

Interview & Audition preparation
Private Lesson Package

Do you have an upcoming audition for an arts school? Or do you have an upcoming interview for one of the top private schools or universities? Anxious about an important job interview coming up? We’ve got you covered! Studio 51 offers private, one-on-one coaching sessions to help prepare individuals for both interviews and auditions. We have successfully helped countless individuals enter into the top schools and jobs of their choice, through careful and detailed training. After completing sessions, students will feel confident and prepared to walk into any interview or audition scenario. These classes are customised based on the individual needs of a student and the nature of the interview. Please contact the studio for more details regarding your upcoming interview/audition.

Summer Camp Program

During the summer months, Studio 51 offers its highly praised summer camp workshops!

Unlike other ordinary summer programs, Studio 51’s unique summer line up provides youth with creative and hands on ways to experience theatre, literature and art, while engrossing themselves in the practice of public speaking skills and strategic communication. Created, taught and facilitated by studio directors Aimée and Tiffany Feler themselves, students will have top notch teachers guiding them through these exciting and one of a kind programs.

Our summer program offers 6 weeks of specialized and diverse workshops, which feature activities that are completely unique from our highly regarded annual program. The full day workshops offer students an opportunity to experience a totally different side of Studio 51, giving students the chance to work with a variety of texts, enriched concepts and creative and engaging activities that we simply cannot fit into our annual program’s curriculum.

Contact us for this year’s Summer Camp Guide!

English Enrichment

With customized classes in a small group environment, students will work collaboratively and individually to achieve academic success. Studio 51’s English Enrichment Program has 5 main goals:

  1. EXPOSURE: Expose the student to a variety of writing styles that they will encounter in a school environment
  2. PRACTICE: Practice writing in order to strengthen their skill set
  3. THINK BEYOND THE TEXT: Apply critical and analytical thinking to the texts that we work with
  4. DEVELOP SELF AWARENESS: Assist student in discovering their literacy challenges and strengths
  5. INCREASE CONFIDENCE: Increase confidence in writing and reading abilities

Our program explores various writing styles and conventions. Much like all other Studio 51 Programs, our English Enrichment Program is customized and tailor made to suit the needs of the students enrolled. Throughout the course, some of our major focuses will include:

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Sentence structure
  4. Developing a clear topic sentence
  5. Structuring and organizing a paper
  6. Using details and evidence to support claims
  7. Developing thesis statements
  8. Finding personal and creative voice in work

Our English Enrichment courses always include a novel study/book club component, which will allow students to collaboratively analyze and discover various works of literature. This course is sure to engage all students, while providing them with an academic boost that will keep them polished and prepared for school.

*This program is available annually and in the summer. Spaces are very limited. Please contact Studio 51 for scheduling information.

Drama & Public Speaking Classes
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